The exorcist of the diocese of Paris speaks out: “There are silent demons”

    exorcist interview

    Deborah Grunwald, the host of a popular French radio program Le 5 sur 5 de France Bleu Paris welcomed Father Duloisy to her studio.   

    exorcist interview Fr. Duloisy
    Fr. Duloisy

    Newsroom, (September 19, Gaudium Press) — The host of a popular French radio program – Deborah Grunwald, from Le 5 sur 5 de France Bleu Paris – recently received a priest in her studio. Fr. Duloisy has an outstanding qualification: he is an exorcist priest for the diocese of Paris.

    An elderly person, his appearance and words highlight the sharpness of the French spirit; his kindness, the seriousness with which he takes on his exorcist ministry and his great experience.

    Here are some excerpts taken from his words in that spicy and interesting dialogue.

    “What is an exorcist? It is one who has received the authority to speak directly to the devil, and give him orders”.

    “No one [should] dare to speak to the devil, because if you speak to him he will respond…”

    “… when I have a possessed in front of me and I say, calmly: ‘I command you Satan, by the power of Christ who has confounded your pride, get out of this person’. And that I have before me a man who has spent x years with doctors; who suddenly changes his voice and begins to say: ‘No, I will not leave him, I will stay there’. And who says to me: ‘You, little priest, if you think that your prayers are going to work, don’t believe it!…”

    This is not a psychological illness

    “Once, there was a young woman (…) It was said that perhaps she was hysterical [i.e., that she was merely psychologically affected], because hysteria and possession present themselves in a similar way. There, the language was changed. It was spoken in a foreign language. The person who was on the carpet, scratching, rolling around, spoke easily the foreign language, which my brother priest used.

    “In addition, the possessed know information about the people around them, which they sometimes reveal in public.

    Once it happened with a provincial exorcist, who later became a bishop. The devil told him: “You, butter croissant, shut up! You pig! Shut up, butter croissant”. Fr. Duloisy then asked him “why did he tell you that? To which the future bishop replied: “I already went to confession. I already asked forgiveness for that sin. (…) The other day, coming back from Rome, I copied, I think, between 6 and 10 butter croissants…”.

    He says that in exorcisms the devil is not always affected by crucifixes or holy water; “there are silent demons”.

    But he also recounts the day he put a stole on a possessed man, and the demon said “not that, that burns me. Ahh no, not that, not that”. Or the day a demon shouted “shut up, shut up,” because he was praying a psalm.

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