January 27

Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Ordinary Time

Mass Readings

Featured Saints

Portrait of St. Henry de Osso y Cervello in his family home and birthplace, Vinebre (Spain)

St. Henry de Osso y Cervello, priest (†1896). Priest of the Diocese of Tortosa, Spain, founder of the Society of St. Teresa of Jesus, for the formation of youth.

St. Vitalian, Pope (†672). He was especially zealous in promoting the evangelization of the Anglos, sending St. Theodore and his companions on mission to Canterbury.

St. Julian of Le Mans, bishop (†third century). According to tradition, he was of noble Roman birth, and was the first to govern the Diocese of Le Mans, France.

St. Gilduin, bishop (†1077). Elected bishop at a young age, he received a dispensation from this office from Pope Gregory VII, for having alleged his unworthiness; and ended his days in the region of Chartres, France.

St. Angela Merici, virgin, virgin. She founded the Ursulines, which was the first first religious community of women dedicated to the education of poor and orphaned girls. She died in Brescia, five years after founding the congregation, in 1540.

St. John Mary Muzei, martyr (†1887). Servant of the king of Uganda, who, having converted to Christianity, chose not to flee the persecution, but spontaneously declared his Faith, for which he was beheaded.

Blessed George Matulaitis, bishop (†1927). Bishop of Vilnius (Lithuania), appointed Apostolic Nuncio for this country. He founded the Congregation of the Marian Clerics and Poor Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

Blessed Rosalie du Verdier de la Sorinière, virgin and martyr (†1794). Religious from the Benedictine monastery of the Congregation of Our Lady of Calvary, guillotined in Angers during the French Revolution.

Mass Readings

First Reading – Heb 10:11-18

Every priest stands daily at his ministry, offering frequently those same sacrifices that can never take away sins. But this one offered one sacrifice for sins, and took his seat forever at the right hand of God; now He waits until his enemies are made his footstool. For by one offering He has made perfect forever those who are being consecrated. The Holy Spirit also testifies to us, for after saying:

This is the covenant I will establish with them after those days, says the Lord: “I will put my laws in their hearts, and I will write them upon their minds,” He also says: Their sins and their evildoing I will remember no more.

Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer offering for sin.

Responsorial Psalm – Ps 110:1, 2, 3, 4 (R. 4b)

R. You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.

The LORD said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand
till I make your enemies your footstool.” R.

The scepter of your power the LORD will stretch forth from Zion:
“Rule in the midst of your enemies.” R.

“Yours is princely power in the day of your birth, in holy splendor;
before the daystar, like the dew, I have begotten you.” R.

The LORD has sworn, and he will not repent:
“You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek.”R.

Gospel – Mk 4:1-20

On another occasion, Jesus began to teach by the sea.
A very large crowd gathered around Him
so that He got into a boat on the sea and sat down.
And the whole crowd was beside the sea on land.
And He taught them at length in parables,
and in the course of his instruction He said to them,
“Hear this! A sower went out to sow.
And as he sowed, some seed fell on the path,
and the birds came and ate it up.
Other seed fell on rocky ground where it had little soil.
It sprang up at once because the soil was not deep.
And when the sun rose, it was scorched and it withered for lack of roots.
Some seed fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it
and it produced no grain.
And some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit.
It came up and grew and yielded thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.”
He added, “Whoever has ears to hear ought to hear.”

And when He was alone,
those present along with the Twelve
questioned Him about the parables.
He answered them,
“The mystery of the Kingdom of God has been granted to you.
But to those outside everything comes in parables, so that

they may look and see but not perceive,
and hear and listen but not understand,
in order that they may not be converted and be forgiven.”

Jesus said to them, “Do you not understand this parable?
Then how will you understand any of the parables?
The sower sows the word.
These are the ones on the path where the word is sown.
As soon as they hear, Satan comes at once
and takes away the word sown in them.
And these are the ones sown on rocky ground who,
when they hear the word, receive it at once with joy.
But they have no roots; they last only for a time.
Then when tribulation or persecution comes because of the word,
they quickly fall away.
Those sown among thorns are another sort.
They are the people who hear the word,
but worldly anxiety, the lure of riches,
and the craving for other things intrude and choke the word,
and it bears no fruit.
But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it
and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.”

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