Bishop of Paisley suggests: “pray the Rosary for an end to abortion”

Paisley, UK (Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Gaudium Press) The Bishop of Paisley has warned of a “concerted campaign” against the unborn child in Britain, after a top medical college voted to decriminalise abortion.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) voted on Saturday to campaign for a change in the law. However, just 33 out of the organisation’s 6,000 members were able to vote.

“There seems to me here like an orchestrated and concerted campaign against the unborn and I pray for those good medics seeking to resist it,” Bishop John Keenan said. “Could I suggest our own concerted effort in October to pray the Rosary for an end to abortion?”

More than 600 doctors condemned the RCOG’s decision, signing a letter to the college’s head Professor Lesley Regan condemning her “extreme” views.

“We represent a variety of positions on the issue of abortion, but believe this motion is out of keeping with both our duties as responsible professionals and the expressed wishes of the British women with regards to the legality and regulation of abortion.”

“This move to introduce a radical abortion law is being promoted by a small group of campaigners with extreme views on abortion.”

The letter adds that while the members of the council are entitled to their convictions, they should not “impose their agenda on the RCOG and risk severely damaging its reputation as a professional body”.

Bishop Keenan previously warned that a “culture of death” is oppressing basic human freedoms in Scotland after two midwives lost a Supreme Court appeal regarding their right not to be involved in abortions.

“The decision handed down today is that of an old and tired establishment that has run out of ideas and vision about how to bring about a brighter and better future for our people.

“Having committed itself to supporting a culture of death in the past generation it now sees that to preserve this culture into the next generation it must become an oppressor of the basic human freedoms of its citizens.

“Ironically this is done, in the name of being pro-choice and ends in an intellectual bankruptcy plain for all to see.”

Source Catholic Herald


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