New radio station for the Diocese of Rome

Rome, Italy (Friday, 02/09/2015, Gaudium Press) Under the motto “A faith that is transmitted” next February 11, on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, a new radio station will start broadcasting in the Diocese Rome. The name of the radio will be “Radiopiù” which means Radio More, and it will broadcast news, analysis and events of the life of the Eternal City, from a faith perspective.

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The new Radio for the Diocese of Rome.
Photo: Radiopiu

Fr Nazop blesses the installations.
Photo: Radiopiu

The new media, reaching the Eternal City after years of work, is now a dream come true. As commented

Father Francesco Indelicato, from the Communications Office of the Diocese of Rome, is behind this initiative and he was quoted in the diocesan newspaper, saying: “This dream is 17 years old: The idea was to create a network which will bring together all the parishes of the city. Today, thanks mainly to new technologies, it became a reality. “

The station, located in the Roman parish of Saint John the Baptist de Lasalle, was blessed and inaugurated on Wednesday February, 4, by the parish priest, Father Massimiliano Nazio.

As part of the inauguration, some speakers reflected on the role of a Catholic radio today, among them were Father Giulio Albanese, director of ‘Popoli e Missione’; Cosimo Alvati, professor of communication from the Pontifical Salesian University and Luca Collodi, director of Vatican Radio, Italy.

According to Father Albanese, “the radio reaches the hearts of people,…and can give exhaustive answers, brings us ‘outside the walls’. Our mission is in the city square, and that’s where we must go “.

For Fr. Alvati what is important for a Catholic radio is to transmit the message of faith: “The programs contents are very important, it is through them that we create a relationship with our listeners. The greatest challenge is to be able to attract our audience”

On the other hand, the director of Vatican Radio thinks that “today what we need are not sermons and prayers, but a radio which helps people to reflect, because the understanding of Christianity is changing. So it is fair to give space to politics and actuality. Today, a Catholic radio should give an opinion and inserted itself into the present debate. “

The project of this new radio was born from the desires of a group of people who have created an association called ‘Più Comuicacione’ – More Communication-. Its center is the city of Rome, in particular the Parishes life and the diocesan events. It will also provide relevant news on other issues as weather forecasts and traffic conditions.

During the first month it will broadcast only in the morning from 10:00 am until 12:00 noon. Subsequently, the range will be extended to the afternoon covering issues as family, youth, life in the parish, just to name a few.

Listeners need only to download the application on their computer, tablet or Smartphone from the site

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