Colombian priest ordained in hospital two days before death

USA (Monday, 09/22/2014, Gaudium Press) Father William Carmona was 51 years old and a late vocation. On September 8, the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, he was ordained priest. Two days later, on September 10, died due to a strong colon cancer but this did not prevent his dream of becoming a priest of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fr William Carmona
William Carmona in 2012, still a seminarian

This story of this Colombian priest has caught the attention of the media due to the witness of his life and his exceptional commitment to God, a story that has touched many hearts, starting by The Most Reverend David R. Choby, Bishop of Nashville, USA, who administered him the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

“The joy and satisfaction in administering the sacrament of Holy Orders, is a highlight in the life of any bishop, but having the opportunity to celebrate this sacrament to someone who was about to die touch me deeply, “said the Bishop Choby, who was quoted by Aciprensa.

The dream of being a priest had to be postponed

His desire of becoming a priest began long time ago in his native Colombia. Born and raised in the Antioquia department within a large family, when still very young, at age 12, he received his call to the priesthood, but because of lack of resources he had to put his dream aside.

Later, in the late 90s, he decided to enter the seminary in his country. He earned a degree in philosophy, and at the same time he had to work in a grocery store in order to pay for his studies. Later he also worked as a security for the Colombian government and studied Business Administration.

But it was only in 2000 that his dream almost came through and decides to enter a seminary in California, but because of a language barrier, he could not speak English well, his dream had to wait longer and thus he started working in the youth ministry in a parish.

As a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville: his illness and his ordination

Finally, in 2008, he was accepted as a seminarian for the Diocese of Nashville. There he did his fourth year of theology and was getting ready for his ordination to the deaconate, when he was diagnose with an aggressive cancer.

Nevertheless Jesus wanted him as his priest. Bishop Choby, finding him ready decided to advance his ordination. The moving ceremony took place in the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Northwest, with him laying in the same bed in which he died two days later, surrounded by 200 people, among them priests, close friends and seminarians, who witnessed the amazing faith and perseverance of Father William Carmona (see video of Priestly Ordination of Father William Carmona at San Antonio Catholic Television).
With information from Aciprensa

Mass for Fr William Carmona
At least 200 people present at the ordination, a moving ceremony which took place in the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital Northwest


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